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Wordpress Child Theme Generator

Parent theme
Child Theme
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If you're using a theme from the wordpress repository, we will try and find the information of the parent theme and insert the data automatically.
In case you're using a theme which is unknown to us, simply enter the appropriate data.


Parent Theme
Name of the parent theme
Enter the name of the parent theme, for example "Twentyfifteen" or "MH Magazine". We will try to find the correct parent theme slug for you.

Slug of the parent theme
This is simply the folder name of your parent theme. You can find it in your wordpress installation at /wp-content/themes/[theme], where [theme] is the folder name of your parent theme.

Name of your child theme
Enter the name of your Child Theme (the one that you are going to create right now).
We will auto-suggest a slug for it in the box below, which will be the folder name for your child theme.

Slug of your child theme
This will be the folder name of your child theme. We will auto-suggest this, but you can change it to whatever you like.
Just keep in mind: no spaces, keep it lowercase, no special characters :)

Author email address
Wordpress wants the author's email address in the style.css, alongside the author name.
This is not for us, we do not need or want your email address :).
Just to make it clear:
We do not save - and therefore not sell or use - your email address.

Author name
Just like the email address, this is being put into the style.css file :)