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Easily create your own Wordpress Child Theme within 2 minutes using our free online Wordpress Child Theme Generator.

Wordpress Child Theme Creator

Wordpress is a very popular blogging platform and is widely used for all kinds of websites.
With Wordpress, you get a huge number of free and paid designs, called themes.

Make it your own!

Once you have installed a Wordpress theme, it is time to make it your own. You might want to change a few colors and fonts, add functionality or even change the whole layout of the site.

Advantages of a child theme

It's a bad idea to start editing the original theme, as you will lose the changes you have made to the theme files once the theme gets (auto-) updated.

Wordpress is there to help you!

Wordpress allows you to use child themes to make changes to and override your main - called "parent" - theme.
The creation of a child theme is pretty quick, and the installation is even quicker.

With our Wordpress Child Theme Generator, you can generate your own child theme within two minutes and upload it to your wordpress installation.
So head over to our Wordpress Child Theme Generator to create your custom chid theme.

Create a Wordpress Child Theme now

With our Wordpress Child Theme Creator, you can easily create a very basic child theme.
Using this starter pack - which should work out of the box for most users - you can easily enhance your parent theme.

Create a Wordpress Child Theme now

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